Bizi - Goxo

Ice Cider

In the wine world some beverages are influenced by the factors that act upon the production process (the climate, the behaviur of a certain variety of grape, the production processs…). The finished product is different, original and commercially attractive. Some examples are the Sauternes, the Porto or the late Harvests of Germany, among others.

In the world of cider there are also similar products such as the ice cider, which has its origin in Canada. This cider is obtained after fermenting the juice pressed from apples that are frozen on the tree. Thanks to the concentration of sugars, the resulting product has a higher alcohol content and is usually sweet.

In the Basque Country we have native apple varieties that are only grown on this land. Among them, there is one that makes a difference because of its characteristics. It’s named Errezile or Errezil Sagarra, a late ripening apple, acid and rich in sugars. Historically, this variety has been stored on a straw bed in the ganbaras (barns) of our farms. It has the ability to last all winter, losing water and wrinkling in a natural process of concentration and without rotting. It is the variety we use in Zapiain to make Bizi-Goxo ice cider.

Another important factor is also involved in the production process of Bizi-Goxo: This is the fresh air provided by the new team of our winery, formed by Egoitz, Mikel and Ion. It is the generational relay that has been asking for passage.

As the Basque name suggests, this cider is called “Bizi” for its sharpness and “Goxo” for its sweetness. Despite its considered a dessert cider, the sweet-sharp balance makes this product a versatile drink, and it works perfectly as an aperitif.


Serve in a digestive glass, at a cold temperature (around 7-8ºC) but without being excessive. Having 10.5º of alcohol it does not need to be too cold.


We achieve the aromatic potential of the apple by bringing those memories of cooked apple to the glass, either as a compote or baked.

Visual phase:

A frosty orange colour with some glints of amber and roasted apple..


Elegant, reminding us of toffee apple and candied fruit, with some notes of fig and hints of compote and grapes.


Silky and broad with hints of sweets, an electric freshness that brings with it sharpness and citrus memories. It has a long, broad and creamy finish.